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Sometimes, through the experiences we have in life, we forget that we are whole and perfect just as we are. Yoga therapy uses the many tools of Yoga to activate our own inner wisdom to restore that sense of wholeness.

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Guiding the Way Back to Self-Empowerment

While I am an IAYT certified Yoga therapist, I often refer to myself as a Yoga guide, helping my clients see things more clearly with the help of the many practices and philosophies Yoga provides. The chronic problems, diseases, or injuries that may prompt someone to seek my help are, in many ways, simply gateways to personal paths of self-discovery, self-empowerment, expansion, and a reconnection to innate perfection. My role is to help light the way.

“Susan Chapman really helped with my sleep issues.  She took the time to understand possible causes for my insomnia and brainstormed through various ways to absolve it. I would not have even thought yoga therapy could address sleep issues but glad I let Susan help me with mine.”


The Five Sheaths of Human Experience

The practice of Yoga therapy is based on the pañcakośa [pancha-KO-sha], or “five sheaths,” model, which describes human experience as having five layers that we traverse all the time in our daily lives.

  • Annamaya — the physical body or the covering “made of food”
  • Prāṇamaya — the vital energy sheath, represented by the breath
  • Manomaya — the mind and emotions
  • Vijñāmaya — the wisdom body, where we connect to our internal wisdom
  • Ānandamaya — the bliss body, pure joy

Sometimes, though, we can feel stuck in one layer or another. For instance, we may not feel the joy of human experience that is our birthright because we’re having an experience in our mind (manomaya) or physical body (annamaya) that makes us feel joy is out of reach.

Yoga Therapy in a Western Culture: Healing vs. Curing

I am so passionate about Yoga therapy’s power to help individuals experience deep healing, that I dedicated my final year of her Master’s study to researching the topic. The fruits of my research became the topic of my Master’s thesis and presentation, Yoga Therapy in a Western Culture: Healing vs. Curing.

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